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Randomness - a world of possibility
I've been up since a bit before 7am.
I am in Maine.
I will be sitting through a loooong graduation ceremony (each student makes a speech).
I have time to kill before then though.

so . . .

I've decided to post

dun dun dunnn

Why are you the only one that makes any sense at all? Majority rule allows the lunatics to seize control of the asylum. You're not like the rest of these lemmings. Even so, it's hard to fight the tide pulling you toward an unwanted destination. Heroes are too easily mistaken for villains. You could buy your way out of this situation, but there's no guarantee that you'd get full value. Ride an unpleasant episode to the end. The fact that it will be over in a few days is incentive enough to get through it. You'll emerge stronger than ever.


OK, must continue attempting to catch up on the lives of others.

I hope everyone is well

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