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RAWRG - a world of possibility
would somebody PUHLEEEEEASE show me where the snooze button is for this contraption above my neck, the part that "thinks".

Please excuse this, it's a test, only a test . . .


I hope everyone is well

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saint_monkey From: saint_monkey Date: May 28th, 2002 09:11 am (UTC) (Link)
reminds me... had a friend, joe melow... he was an odd bird... he usedta, you know, get drunk... just wasted... all the time, one of the smartest fellas i ever met, y'know, used to drive around town in his old rusty el camino and just BLARE the sex pistols, but i digress... he'd get just wasted and... he'd say "I just want to STOP THINKING. i just want to get to the point where i NEVER think again." he said his brain... was always going... always TORTURING him with all these THOUGHTS... do he'd just get drunk, so he wouldn't have to think... at all. but he would you kjnow.... think. when he was drunk. he'd sit and talk.... about relativity, about time... about physics... fascinating... he understood really complex things instinctively, and could explain them very simply... but only while he was drunk... while he was sober he would act like an idiot... one day he tried to kill himself out in the courtyard with one of those pink bic disposable razors.... he smashed it with my skateboard, (he had borrowed it) and lit the end of it, the handle you know.... with a lighter, and he melted the end and stuck the thin razors that came from the head in the handle backwards... and just started hacking away...he was an odd bird... it
was just for attention, all he did was sort of skin his wrists, maybe like a rug burn... that's all the worse it was... he just wanted me to get up and go save him... so i did... i am a big getter up and saver of things...once i heard a baby crying.... out in the courtyard... in the rain... some prostitute's baby, i thought... out in the rain, abandoned in the courtyard of the dorm on the air force base.... "here, you have him," i could picture her saying, young korean prostitute in the rain, "take the baby." leaving the child in the rain where some GI could find it.... so i ventured out... into the night, and the rain, in my pajamas, wondering... what will i do? where do i take it? to the hospital? what if they think it is MY baby? (jesus, how will i raise a BABY? i hope it is a little girl.) getting more and more apprehensive as i near the source of the cries, (jesus, is that kid DYING? it's so loud! how can the rest of these bastards sit in thier darkened rooms, cigarette tips glowing, while a child cries out in the rain?! fuckers.) when i got out there, it was two cats, making love in the rain. (it sounds just like a baby crying, really it does, if you hearit in the rain, echoeing off insensitive brick walls.) i'm sure jor thought, when he woke up to me chasing cats around furiously in the rain in my pajamas, that i was the one going crazy not him.
he sure was an odd bird.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 28th, 2002 02:21 pm (UTC) (Link)


actually, before my siamese was neutered, she would cry really loudly while in heat and sounded exactly like a baby crying. My neighbors must've thought I was an abusive parent or something. I never even thought about that, LOL.

thanks :)
musus From: musus Date: May 28th, 2002 02:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

Interesting...I've known a couple like him as well. It's odd that something (such as alcohol) can effect different people differently. It sounds like your friend almost functioned better while drunk/intoxicated. My friend Brian is that same way. He's an amazing musician sober, but even _more_ amazing drunk. Where as, other people (like my dad), should never even see alcohol.

Kinda makes you wonder whether society is actually inhibiting itself by outlawing certain things. :)
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