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More Silly Stupid stuff and one funny story of the night. - a world of possibility
More Silly Stupid stuff and one funny story of the night.
~ Elizabeth ~

~ meaning ~
Dedicated to God

~ motivation ~
To make the best of what you have

~ character ~
Is audacious and daring

~ feelings ~
Shares their joy with ease

~ intelligence ~

~ spiritual ~
Is often guided by instinct

~ nature ~
Has a fastidious personality

~ inherent ~
You are a natural leader

~ Elizabeth ~

~ meaning ~
Dedicated to God

~ motivation ~
Looks for adventure

~ feelings ~
Likes to feel contentment

~ intelligence ~
One who is capable and adept

~ spiritual ~
Is always hopeful

~ nature ~
A naturally happy person

~ inherent ~
You have a love of all things artistic

You can do this HERE :)

E.L.Y.S.A.: Electronic Lifeform Yearning for Sabotage and Assassination

L.E.E.: Lifeform Engineered for Exploration

B.A.R.R.O.N.: Biomechanical Android Responsible for Repair and Online Nullification

E.L.L.Y.: Electronic Lifeform Limited to Yardwork

This can be done

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?

# 1 Nicolas de Lenfent
# 2 Daniel Molloy
# 3 Louis de Pointe du Lac
# 4 Armand [Amadeo, Andrei]
# 5 Khayman
# 6 Marius de Romanus
# 7 Merrick Mayfair
# 8 Santino
# 9 David Talbot
# 10 Claudia
# 11 Lestat de Lioncourt
# 12 Akasha
# 13 Maharet/Mekare
# 14 Gabrielle de Lioncourt
# 15 Santiago

You can do this one HERE :)

Shawshank Redemption.... "Get busy living or get busy dying". Saw this in someone else's journal,
misholf. I like that quote. :)

Hamlet Character Selector

# 1 Osric
# 2 Clown Gravedigger
# 3 Horatio
# 4 Ophelia
# 5 Ghost of Hamlet's Father
# 6 Marcellus
# 7 Fortinbras
# 8 Gertrude the Queen
# 9 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
# 10 Hamlet
# 11 Claudius the King
# 12 Laertes
# 13 Polonius


# 1 Horatio
# 2 Marcellus
# 3 Clown Gravedigger
# 4 Ghost of Hamlet's Father
# 5 Ophelia
# 6 Osric
# 7 Fortinbras
# 8 Gertrude the Queen
# 9 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
# 10 Claudius the King
# 11 Polonius
# 12 Hamlet
# 13 Laertes

(some of the answers were variable in importance so I did it 2 times)

Romeo and Juliet character selector

# 1 Benvolio ..

Role in Play

To recount events for the benefit of the characters who did not witness a particular event. For example, Benvolio recounts the fight between Romeo and Tybalt in Act III to the public and the Prince.
To further the plot Benvolio was the one who insisted that Romeo go to the Capulet ball, which was where the latter met Juliet; he also hastened Romeo to take flight after the killing of Tybalt.
To contrast the characters of fiery Tybalt and hot-headed Mercutio. Benvolio represents the kind of level-headed, conscientious and dependable youth that we wish society had more of.
Benvolio's character
Benvolio's name is derived from "benevolent". The most striking trait of Benvolio is his love for peace. Throughout the play, he displays his peace loving nature, advising people to "part" and "put up (their) swords". He tries to "make peace" with everyone and avoid confrontations. He is in this aspect, a stark contrast to both the mercurial Mercutio and the "fiery Tybalt". For example, in Act I Scene I, when the servants from both houses were fighting, Benvolio enters the stage, drawing his sword and trying to separate them. He also tries to stop the fight between Mecutio and Tybalt, saying that they should retreat and talk things out.

Benvolio is also a good and loyal friend, as evident from his friendship with Romeo. He is concerned and tries to find out "what sadness lengthens Romeo's hours" and lends Romeo a listening ear. The fact that Romeo actually told him the cause of his grief also goes to show their closeness as it was something Romeo held "so secret and so close" to his heart. As a friend, Benvolio tries to cheer Romeo up by getting him to go to a masque so as to erase Rosaline from his memory. Unlike Romeo, Benvolio's view of love is more practical: he believes "one fire burns out another's burning". Yet again, Benvolio serves as a contrast to another youth in the story.

After both Tybalt and Mercutio are slain, Benvolio recounts the events of the duel, shining a better light on the role Romeo and "stout Mercutio" played in it. At the same time, he makes Tybalt out to be the villain "deaf to peace". This was not the case as it was Mercutio who challenged "will you walk" that started Tybalt fighting. From this incident, Benvolio's loyalty to his friends is displayed.
# 2 Friar Lawrence ...more info
# 3 Nurse .. .more info
# 4 Romeo ... more info
# 5 Tybalt ... more info
# 6 Juliet ... more info
# 7 Mercutio ... more info

One more then story then sleep. Actually story then one more, then sleep.

So D is dressed as a cop for the party we're going to tonight. We pull into the parking lot of a liquor store and there are this kids sitting in a car in fornt of the store. Tall D tells copper D to go over to their friend's van and talk to them. They are parked across from the kids. As soon as D walks across the lot the kids turn on their car and get the hell outta there. It was hilarious.

Wanat a better telling of the story? Check out my friend's journal" October 29th @ 12:57am.

Very out of order, but I'm listening and laughing and felt like typing some of it up.
"I'm high as a kite and my teeth are green. Merry fucking Christmas" and "NyQuil, NyQuil, you giant fucking you" and "The Q is talking to me, the Q is talking to me"
~ Denis Leary.

ok last one.

The Simpsons Selector

# 1 Lisa
# 2 Milhouse
# 3 Maggie
# 4 Principal Skinner
# 5 Smithers
# 6 Dr. Hibbert
# 7 Marge
# 8 Apu
# 9 Ned Flanders
# 10 Reverend Lovejoy
# 11 Lionel Hutz
# 12 Troy McClure
# 13 Chief Wiggum
# 14 Mayor Quimby
# 15 Moe
# 16 Krusty the Klown
# 17 Patty or Selma
# 18 Barney
# 19 Grandpa
# 20 Fat Tony
# 21 Mr. Burns
# 22 Nelson
# 23 Bart
# 24 Sideshow Bob
# 25 Homer

OK, now me is REALLY tired. Time to crash into sleepy land.

Night world(s).

meez :)~

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: judas priest - living after midnight

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