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should make for an intersting evening - a world of possibility
should make for an intersting evening
1-friend from work whom I have never hung out with outside of work
___a little shy, very nice, his birthday (I've been attempting to give him a piece of cake
___for almost a week now!!!
1-friend from highschool whom I know very well
___conservative, nice, very work oriented while at school (though she's slowly
___growing out of it, yay)
1-cousin, who seems to be becoming a friend (*YIPPEE*) :)
___growing into herself, seems to be less sure of herself before, seems to be more
___grounded and more caring of others than before.
1-movie yet to be decided

Three people whom I never would have brought together before for fear of one or all not having a good time. I shall no longer worry about those things and invite those whom I feel like inviting (even if it is spur of the moment).

OK, must get clean.

I hope everyone is well

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