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ME eeez much betta - a world of possibility
ME eeez much betta
Yep, sleep did the trick. :)

I'm gonna post my dream. I'm having a bunch lately. They're long too.

So I'm in the car with my folks and we are driving home (?). We stop at this store. I ovehear the owners talking to a couple in a car nearby telling them that Georgetown will be more likely to have what they want. So the couple drives off.

We go inside. The store is empty of patrons, but has tons of kewl stuff (unfortunately I don't remember what). So after looking around for a while we're getting ready to go, but I need to use the restroom.

Between the front of the store and the back of the store (where the bathroom is) the store becomes our friends house. While I'm in the room (it's no longer the bathroom, but some room-not sure the purpose of it) I'm changing. I don't know why I'm changing, but there was a reason for it.

I'm putting on my bra and the father of the family walks into the room. I'm like "WHAT are you doing?!?!?!".

Take into account I only know the family in the dream, there is no family that corresponds to them in real life.

So the guy walks up behind me and starts kissing my neck. For a seond I fall victim to my horomones and say nothing. Then the senses kick in again and I'm like "STOP!".

I throw my shirt on and try to go out the door he came in, but it is blocked by something. I turn around and go an alternate route.

I walk to the front where my folks are and the guys wife says hi and asks if I know where he is. I reply that I think he headed back to where I was.

When I get into the car with my folks I tell them what happened.

Next thing I know I'm headed to the grocery store with some girl who is apparently a friend of mine (again, no real-life correspondence hence "apparently").

She has to return these shampoos. They come in a container where it looks like they are wine, a crate type thing with the bottles in it. Once we are at the counter and I find out it is shampoo, I ask the guy at the counter if he has my shampoo: clairol daily defense, the purple one.

That is the shampoo I use in real life and the specific one I use is always gone.

Anyway . . .

So she flirts with the guy behind the counter a little bit, and then we are walking around.

Whie walking around the girl is a guy. I have no idea when it changed from she to he, I just know it is a guy now.

So we're walking around and we have a kid with us. I think it's his little brother. He was crying so we start to sing to him. At some point we end up picking him up toether (I dunno, it was weird).

We were walking up some steps, while carrying the kid and I think I still had my shampoo, and another little kid walks towards us. The little kid walking towards us almost walks down the stairs but we block the way and look up towards hopefully his parent.

Yep his father was standing right there. We smile at him in a "yeah, we know" kinda way as he comes to catch hold of the kid before we drop something or his kid makes it down the steps (of which there were only like 3, but yes we are still in the store).

That's all I remember.

My dreams are soooooo weird.

OK, I hope everyone is well.

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