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Odd weird dream - a world of possibility
Odd weird dream

I was at college.

Don't ask me why I have no idea.

I was rooming with 2 girls and nolf. Nolf moved out due to some conflict, though I'm not sure why. In the dream I don't believe I ever even saw him, I just knew originally he was living in the room also.

The girls in the room always commented how I never got angry or anything. Some issue came up where I spoke my point of view. I still did not get angry, but since the girls had never seen me feel strongly about anything, they took it offendingly towards them.

I was packing up my stuff because I was going home for the end of the semester, I had decided I would pack early since last time my dad had apparently made 2 trips up (in the same day) with my stuff. Why I could not say.

~I never said the dream made sense~

So I wrote a letter to each of the girls explaining objectively what had happened and why I felt as I did. The first girl began reading hers as I was writing the second girls. At first this bugged me b/c I had wanted to just leave the letters. Then it didn't b/c I realized it did not matter when they read them as long as they read them.

So some stuff happened that I don't remember and somehow it segues (no clue how to spell that word) into another dream, though I'm not sure how.

There is this really big guy/monster (he is a man, or at least looks like one), prolly like 8 ft tall (not sure just big!) and he is trying to kill us or something, so we are all trying to beat him up and kill him.

"we" was 2 guys an 2 girls. The girls were both me, and ye they weren't, it was weird.
I'm going to say guy A, guy B, me and girl B (this girl was sometimes me, or rather I sometimes felt like I was the girl, VERY weird and hard to explain).

So we are on a ski slope. There is all this chasing and skiing around and attempting to corner the big guy. Eventually he falls (or something) and we all ski really fast towards him and try to spray snow all over him and ski on him or hurt him or something. At one point I remember trying to fight him (I think), and I get a blow in, but then I run off before he gets up.

So we go back up the lift b/c he is still up there and then ski down again, only this time it doesn't work so well. Somehow he gets back up. Near the bottom I spray him, but my ski comes off, and he has fallen, but is getting up and I can't get back up. Only, and this really weird, where we are now, well at least where he is, looks like the exit of a supermarket in that there are those silver railing things that you walk by, like the ones in amusement parks while waiting in line, but the surrounding area is linoleum floor and there are 2 cops that have grabbed the guy and said everything is ok. The part I am on is still snow though.

Next scene, Guy A is walking down a bunch of chairs, big lounger comfy chairs like you would see in a living room, except we are outside on a street and the chairs are set up sorta like stairs, the preceding one a bit lower than the one behind it. He comes and hugs me and is holding me as we walk along.

Then there is girl B and guy B. They are not quite sure how to treat each other. I guess what I said before about being her, it was more that I watch them, know what they're feeling, but I don't see things from their perspective as if I wer them. Again, very odd.

We are all quite happy because big dude is captured, and there is a good, calm, but surreal feeling amongst us.

OK, I believe there were some more details, but I do not remember them.

Yep, I have odd dreams.

I hope everyone is well.

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