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I think the "curse" may be broken. - a world of possibility
I think the "curse" may be broken.
I've had bad birthdays since I turned 17.

17: A family member was in the hospital that night (I will avoid names so as to leave this a public post). I was also supposed to write a paper due the next day, that didn't happen due to the hospital visit.

18:Forced to go to prom. Everyone said they would not go if I did not go. They all also said they wanted to go. I went. Had no date. My friends all had dates, I therefore sat around the entire evening. Originally I was sposed to work that night. I believe that would have been preferred.

19:I don't think anything happened. No friends remembered. No cards, no nuttin, cept maybe my b-day buddy (we have the same b-day) I'm not really sure though.

20: My boyfriend broke up with me at the zoo.

21:I got sick. I did not get drunk, just nauseous. I couldn't even throw up though, I just slept on the toilet. Was not with the best company. Though I do have to say the people at my school made me feel special.

And then there was today.
-saw my sister's play
-my sisters class sang me happy b-day
-found and worked on a song for my audition for West Side Story
-got wished happy b-day
-got a b-day posting (thanks again)
-talked with my b-day buddy :)
-got contacts, well a trial pair -basically got contacts
-had a good dinner (ate too much though, LOL)
-good company, even had a British guy there (always a bonus)
-yummy cake (7-layer)
-before eating cake got sung to
-got sung to a 2nd time b/c neighbors came over
-got to make 2 wishes b/c was sung to twice (and lit candles twice)-make same wish, but still!
-sang karaoke
-was sang to again (she almost did it twice, but I explained I had my fair share that day already)
-met 2 more British guys (this is specially helpful with the need for me to be doing a british accent for my play)
-someone special left a birthday message for me on my answering machine -whom I did not expect to hear from. (I don't give people enough credit sometimes). ~I'm still not sure what to do with you. I thought I had it figured out, then you go and be good, LOL.
an uneventful but good day

Tomorrow~ apartment hunting research day!

I hope everyone is well.

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From: aligator13 Date: May 16th, 2002 08:52 am (UTC) (Link)
So happy that you had a good birthday sweetie!! Can't wait to see you.
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