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Even with the best of intentions - a world of possibility
Even with the best of intentions
Why do I even bother?

I dunno. I believe another one bites the dust. We shall see.

Intentions are well, and yet they (good intentions) are not enough. I need more than just truth and honesty, I need sincere caring, not just caring what happens to me and that I'm well, like I feel for the entire human race, but something specifically towards me. I want this because it is felt not because it "should" be.

OK enough poopy stuff

So on a lighter note, well sorta, morbid humor, I fell down the stairs at the movie theatre.
I went with my mom to see The Time Machine- which btw intersting: was a special showing for the deaf (subtitled),-and as I was walking down the stairs at the end of the movie my body decided to get ahead of my feet. I attempted to grab the railing.

Scratch that.

I grabbed the railing. Unfortunately my body didn't seem to notice and continued down the stairs until my arm was extended, my feet were a few steps above me, and I was on my butt, looking up towards the top of the steps, laughing. A little bruised/scratched up, but amused as to how it happened (as were the other people in the theatre).

Even BETTER news. I'm visiting an apartment either this week or next! *YIPPEEE*

OK, must stop rambling. Nothing of importance to say. Other stuff I need to do. In a generally good mood and incredibly tired, though I'm not sure why.

I hope everyone is well.

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