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Went to another frat party last night. I had fun (as always ~… - a world of possibility
Went to another frat party last night. I had fun (as always ~ wherever, whatever I do, but it didn't hurt being there with kewl people).

At first I was almost not in the mood to party, for a split second I was thinking about asking if thos I came with wanted to go. As usual, I found my own devices to entertain me. I think it wasn't for the sake of not wanting to be there, it was from being drained of energy from the previous activities of the day (or should I say lack of).

Derek and I stopped at Rose's after taking him to the hospital for a checkup. The plan was pick her up and go out to breakfast. Didn't happen. We ended up ordering food and staying tehre afterwards so she ahd a ride to work. I was not in the mood to sleep so I used her computer. No problem, I was just hoping to get out yesterday and get stuff done. Unfortunately the lack of activity drained me somewhat for the night.

Well, needless to say I obtained a surge of energy later in the night. Not exactly sure why. I think I may have gotten it from Christian ~ he came with tons.

I also got some from seeing a girl I went ot HS with. At first she was actually a drain because I know her and how she works and was not very interested in talking with her. Later I remembered what I say to many people and what I try to do myself "find the good in everyone". So I did. She was my dance partner (sorta).

I was the freaky dance girl again~though I don't think when/if I come back I'll have a nickname or be recognized for it, which is fine for me. Ever seen Raggedy Anne dance? Anyone who was there last night can claim this. (If you want me to be more blunt-it was a halloween party and I was Rageddy Anne).

Thanks Nolf. I hope you had fun too. You seemed in your own world ~ I hope it's a peaceful but fun one, though with anti gravity so you can do kewl things like fly.

More eventually, must go , dad will be here soon and I am going out he, my little sister, and my little cousins. And must get my book back!!!
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