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*smiles* Look at the positive. How simple is that? I get to… - a world of possibility

Look at the positive. How simple is that? I get to do and experience all these things.

Wrong:I haveto get up at 9am
Right: I get to see my sisters play.

Not only with determinant, set experiences such as seeing a play or doing some sort of activity, but emotionally.

I get to live.

"To see if your year was worth anything think back. If it brings tears or laughter, some sort of emotion it was worth something. (Only no emotion means the year was wasted)
those were not the exact words but basically what was said in Ally McBeal 1998

I've been very, "wishy washy"- as my voice teacher put it- lately.

Yes I have been. I also haven't been growing or learning because I've been stuck. Too afraid of messing up other peoples lives with my opinions and not sure what's going on in my own for that matter.

I find things go well and I stop inputting my opinions to others. Not b/c I don't care, but I feel my opinion isn't valid if I haven't gone through it, OR they need to learn it on their own so they learn the lesson(s) they need to instead of being given the answer, then they NEVER learn.

Anyway, I'm going to get some things straightened out in my life. I also believe I need to stop nesting (I've started again, LOL).

I hope everyone is well.

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