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I think I may need to read the books by Kevin Armstrong and Kevin… - a world of possibility

I think I may need to read the books by Kevin Armstrong and Kevin Patterson now, they seem interesting.

"Guys on the ocean all have the same story -- they're all heading off from some divorce or other," says Patterson. "It's an instinct that men seem to have to a greater extent than women. Women in the throes of some psychic crisis -- such as the end of a relationship -- reach out to their friends, and cocoon with them and come to some equilibrium. Men, and I include myself, are more enamoured with that fatuous Marlboro Man ideal of self-sufficiency and resolve."

I seem to relate more to the guy in this case, LOL.

. . .

But Patterson also makes a weightier observation, one that explains why the two writers went to sea and perhaps why they write books. "Sometimes, you need to make a rash decision," Patterson says. "Daring and rashness, you have to be wary of them, but they are also the things that get you out there. Otherwise we lead small lives without any grand gestures."

From here. Interesting random article.

OK and off to graduation.
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