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Renewed - a world of possibility
Except for being utterly worn out physically. I mean I'm sittin here in the airport really overheated, to others (AKA my mom) I feel like I have a te,mperature, but that would mean I would feel cold, I do not, I feel hot.

Anywho, this will prolly be boring and babble so . . .

ERG, I do not like this keyboard, LOL.

It keeps deleting things, or rather I dfo because I don't know this keyboard well. We haven't even been properly introduced.

Anyway, so I should be scared and anxsious currently, but I am not. I'm just 3wanting to be home, but since I'm jnot I'm filling my time with whatever I feel like doing. I just hope we don't have to stay the night seeing as to how I'm SPOSED to be at work at 11am tomorrow morning and that could be a problem if I were in Portland Maine.

I will type up more about this weekend when I get home, I'll prolly post all the stuff I wrote in all the seminars. For now since I'm on a time limit (or money limit rather seeing how I'm paying to use this computer, my time is at $0.25 a minute-yeah I should prolly of saved the money, but eh, not too much to do in a maine airpoert, even the place to eat is closed.)

I was hoping this would have AIM or sumfin, it didn't.

OK, I thought I had more to type, and since I do not I shall end the boredom and finish reading all my e-mails and hope my flight doesn't get delayed again.

I hope everyone is well.

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