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Frustration - a world of possibility
Only a lil bit. More happy then frustrated.

So . . .

I gots a part.


frustration = I finally have someone to share my excitement with and they choose now to be lost, great timing eh?

OK, so some quick updates in, no particular order.

-Visited me friend Julz @ Oberlin last weekend, much fun.
-Visited me friend Kate @ Davidson this weekend, again much fun. We saw Ciqrue Du Soleil The specific one being Quidamwhich means nameless passer-by. I've seen the Dralion one when it was in Mclean.
-Found a roommate for NY who seems quite kewl!
-Did not get into Tisch
-DID get a part in a play!!!!
-Currently have an nameless relatiing with another person. Nameless in that "dating" or "boyfriend" etc. just do not work. We need better words, or maybe no words, just an understanding.
-This weekend I am visiting me brother in Maine.

OK, now onto the babble.

Dun dun dunnnnn

Well, basically I had a 6.5 hour car ride (I actually almost made it about 45 minutes less today, but I hit traffic ) so I had some time to think. It was a gorgeous drive, both ways, even with the bit o rain mixed in.

My mind scares me. It takes a lot to scare me, and almost nothing does. currently my mind is the only thing that I can think of that TRULY scares me, or rather what it thinks sometimes.

You know whatm, i can't think straight currently so nothing is coming oout as I mean it. Actually nothing is coming out, LOL.

So . . .

This shall have to wait till another time.

I hope everyone is well.

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musus From: musus Date: April 21st, 2002 09:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Words...oigh vey! Another stupid, yet necessary, phase in the evolution development of mankind. This is one of the many reasons why I do not care to remember how to spell words. What's it going to get me in the long run? Very little. That doesn't go to diminish, or devalue the abilities of efforts of those that can/try to be good spellers. It is simply not how my brain works, and therefore, I do not care. My brain thinks in concepts, not in facts, and data. Yes, it does pick up & randomly remember little tidbits of trivia & such, but really, as Lewis would say...nahhh, it just doesn't work that way. You're right on in your thinking. Are you going to be home this coming weekend (starting the 26th, I think)? I'm coming home & I'd like to see you. Maybe we can talk more about all this. :) *hug*
moowazz From: moowazz Date: April 22nd, 2002 05:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

I'm away this weekend, visiting me brother at school. You'll be home this summer though, right?
14kslum From: 14kslum Date: April 22nd, 2002 05:50 am (UTC) (Link)

part of what??
moowazz From: moowazz Date: April 22nd, 2002 05:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh, a part in a play. The play is called Charley's Aunt</i>. I will be playing a character named Kitty.

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