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indescribable in the sense of not being able to describe it . . . - a world of possibility
indescribable in the sense of not being able to describe it . . .
Simpler said, "ummm, I dunno".

You know what I want? I want a memory chip in my brain, or a disk.

You know those times in your life, those moments of complete clarity and contentment? Everything is crystal clear, and you believe that no matter what happens in that moment in time, as long as you continue to have that mind frame, you'll always be happy.

I want a memory chip to save those moments, those feelings, those days when the glass is perfectly clean with no smudges and no matter how much dirt gets thrown at it, there will always be the glass underneath, all you gotta do is get some windex or a wet cloth.

I want the chip so when I'm lost, or confused, or insecure, I can just insert it into my brain and remember the feeling. It's harder to do just by thinking "oh, what was I thinking that day" so I want something I can just implement and the feelings and thoughts and clarity will just occur.

OK, I'm not sure if any of that made sense. If not, twas for me anywho.

Better go get clean, tonight is swing dance night. YIPPEEE

I hope you enjoyed your red balloon. OK, so yours didn't look like dat, but that's what I thought of for some reason (it popped into me head when I got bumped in the face by a yellow balloon and was walking around wid it) and therefore the red balloon. :)

And I hopes everyone is well.


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