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This was a long weekend, well at least inside my head - a world of possibility
This was a long weekend, well at least inside my head
Went to see "Sorority Boys" with Rachel. Twas quitee funny, there was a dildo fight, that's all I'll say so as not to ruin the movie. That and that both Rachel and I agreed all boys should be required to see it.

Anywho, so

FOREWARNING: This is prolly gonna be long.

To begin with, my friend is in a rather serious relationship, her "roommate" (she seldom stays over) is in a rather serious relationship, and their friend is also.

I take meaning from everything in my life. This just happened to be when I was visiting the friend who is really serious with her boyfriend and all her friends are in relationships. Naturally it made me think a bit.

I found that every time they talked to their SO, I wanted to make a phone call, but I held myself back. No Elysa, there's no need. C'mon, don't be obssesive or psycho.

ERG, I need to explain so much more, because it's not like this was my constant thinking, or that I didn't have a good time, it's just a different more laid back type of fun then when visiting single people. I actually had time to think, versus being out nd about consantly.

I'm guessing there is a reason for this. I realize that I put too much on myself. It's good to stand on yourown two feet, but there's a different type of strength needed to feel comfortable leaning on someone else.

I'm afraid to open myself up and be vulnerable, afraid someone might take the chance and stab their sword in the one scale that's missing if I point it out, but that's completely wrong. The fact is by being vulnerable, and having the ability to know how I feel about people, and share this, without worrying if it is returned, there is a strength.

I'm not sure if any of this makes sense to anyone but me, I find I can't get everything out the way I mean it, but it makes sense to me and this is what matters.

I had a great day. My only regret: I left my camera at the apartment (?). We went to the Zoo, Cheekwood Mansion, where I saw a great many wonderful photographs, some paintings, and a beautiful house/mansion. Tonight we saw the movie, which was hilarious ~ I so needed to laugh.

I do miss your arms though and will be happy to be enveloped in their warmth once again.

I hope everyone is well.

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