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What is the word for today? - a world of possibility
What is the word for today?
Someone asked me, I in turn ask my, well I'm not sure, what do I call you?

anywho, the word is shibboleth

A word or pronunciation that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another.

or "the unspokem word" as defined by you

I like this better

So, my confusion of being a female begins, but for the time being I think I'll just sit here with the warm fuzzies in me tummy and let my smile inside be strong. For you are not them, just as they were not you. I'm learning that it tis a great thing to express yourself without restraint, especially when feelings are reciprocated.

And for humour's sake, I quote a friend " we just had our own slice of astroturf" I'm not quite sure why I find this so incredibly amusing.

Must get ink and send out H&Rs!!!!

I hope everyone is well

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