completed & then some

for those who may be curious - i did complete my goal - a marathon in every state & d.c. within 1 year (342 days in fact).

the watch (our local paper) did a small writeup on the adventure

you can read my blog from each race here: www.racethestates.com/blog

it's been a long time since i've been on here.  i've started many a journal (or blog) since then.

my most recent - and more inclusive - can be found here: http://journey2zen.wordpress.com

my memories of LJ & LJ friends are fond - at the same time wordpress is where i have been led to.  growth, change, etc. are all part of the journey yes?

i hope all be wonderful.


KS marathon #12: rockin k trail marathon

original post @ racethestates


stow away


packet pickup was small and friendly with the race directors phil & stacy & their cute dog charlie.

i had considered the dinner,  however i was staying in salina, about 45 min away.


a few minutes before 6:30am i was parked & in the building.  if the car temp was correct it was 34º F. 
there was a fire in the little building we were all waiting in until told otherwise.  people would get close for a few seconds and then make their way a bit further as too close was extra hot.

this photo thanks to dick ross @ seekcrun



some nice people aked me about my project.  i also chatted a bit with a woman from texas i had run into @ packet pickup.    

at some random moment we all headed outside for the trail marker explanation


if you see this & you are a marathoner - turn around, you have gone too far.

look @ all our cars :)

then phil said something like "ok, go . . . run . . ." 
and we were off. 

after the first 1/2 mile (?) until the last 1/4 mile we were running on trails.   there were plenty of water crossings - 2 serious ones.  


there are less pictures than i might have taken (though still quite a few surprisingly) because i decided to push a little.   
silly me when i was there were only 17 female marathoners i looked up the times of winners in previous years.  last years 3rd place was 5:28.  i could do this.
i ran almost 4 miles and then went to my 5 min run 1 min walk.  i took a few pictures, played some leap frog with people.  met 2 co-workers.  one was running the 50 miler, the other was running the marathon.


about mile 8 i passed a woman & a few others.  she & i played a little leap frog & then i was on my own for a while. 



 1/2 way & 18 mile (?) aid station

iarrived @ the 1/2 way aid station and thought "i can do this".  someone helped me fill my water bottles.  lots of people around to help & cheer on.

then there was the bluff section - 5 miles including some steep ascents.


since we had to go over barbed wire fences, they put up blankets

by mile 15 or 16 i was getting tired.  a man passed me as i stopped to take a quick picture

i caught up to him & decided to keep his pace.  i had changed to 3 min run / 1 min walk & i could keep his pace longer.  another guy caught up & was keeping our pace for a bit.  and then the leader's friend caught & joined us.

we were all running together & realized we didn't seeany markers.  oops.  turned back, found a marker, and headed off the wrong way again.  lesson learned - pay attention even when with other people :)

the 3rd times the charm.  we were back on the trail with a little extra mileage.


passed the ais station again.  refilled the h2o again - it was hot by now.
the hills on the last 8 miles were much more managable.  

i looked back, and another woman was getting close.  i kicked it into gear.  no clue where the energy came from.  i was about to walk & looking forward to it.  she almost caught me a 2nd time.  i decided to keep looking forward & i would be ok.

from here on out i was roughly running 3/1 - often more running with random bits of walking on steeper or longer uphills.

i came across a few men, one of whome it turned out had run 3 extra miles - yikes.  he was running the 50 miler.

happily he & another guy were in front of me when we came across the first of 2 big water crossings.  the first went to just above my knees.  the 2nd was almost to my waist.  the water felt nice


image thanks to dick ross @ seekcrun.com  

(notice the very wet shorts - water was about to my waist)

and then the home stretch.

it was quite tempting to stop & take a photo - there was some kewl yellow sand we were running on.  if anyone reading this has picture of it, lemme know :)

i finished with 27.99 miles (vs 26.3) on my garmin - who knows how accurate this is - still, yikes :)



lovin the medals.

talked with a few people, did my post race exercises, refueled a bit and went home with a women's marathon 2nd place (surprised me).

stacy wished meluck on my future races & gave me a hug.

thank you phil & stacy for an enjoyable run.

hope all be wonderful :)
for elevation - look @ the chart (vs the ascent & descent)

DC marathon #10 - a marathon engagement (someone else)

original post @ racethestates


up @4:45 amish bed was warm, outside was cold.  i managed temptation.
i headed out w/ mom & dad a bit before 6.


waited in line with my dad for the bathroom while the waves were leaving (deja vu).  afterwards while heading to the correct wave of people i passed a friend from highschool.  it was nice to see you sam.

my dad, being unsure about his ability to run more than a mile (he has been on vacation w/o training) he bandited (ie ran w/o a race bib)


dad has the backpack in both photos :)

he kept me company for the first 6 miles and then headed to the subway.  thank you dad.  it was nice.

as he was about to head off i saw cathie & troy - maniacs i had met @ callaway gardens GA & again (more officially) @ little rock AR.  

i ran with them for a bit.  turns out their first (or 2nd?) marathon was for their 25th wedding anniversary (now their coming up on their 39th???).  a friend had been urging them to do a marathon - so they did.  and they caught the bug.

after a mile or so i went back tomy walk/run thing.  they were a runnin fast.

ran into dave mari (thanks for the photo)


i put on my mp3 player w/ new headphones (thanks dad).  it took a few minutes to adjust em.  then i braided my hair so i could tuck it into my visor (keeps my visor on my head better since it's a bit big for me).

sang sometimes. 

kewl mural



ran across a fair few more maniacs here & there.

saw a woman from shamrock cheering on the sidelines with a sign.  thank you :)

more fun signs

saw runners i had met @ MD, AR, GA

bubbles again - yay 

before the half/full split i ran with a woman for a few minutes.  i was talking about my project and she said her son has cancer.  he's still living his life to the fullest it sounds like.  hearing the strength of people like this makes me smile.

cherry blossoms blooming :)


somewhere around mile 15 i passed my knee brace onto a TNT (team in training) girl with a cute smiling face (even before the brace).  this was her first marathon.  i hope she finished strong.


we ran through a tunnel


friends & family showing support to runners

played leap frog with a few people for a while.  then i caught up with cathie & troy.  we ran together for a few minutes and then i was off.


showing support :) 

a few minutes later  i came across another maniac couple i had seen near the start of the race.  they had been faster so i had skipped the "hello" @ that point. 

now i said hello and mentioned cathie & troy - another maniac couple further back.  they said that was going to be them eventually. 
this was alison & shawn.  

i stayed @ their pace to chat with them for a bit - stopped my 5/
1 and walked when they did.   they were kind enough to let me join them til the end. 

she had a glove on one hand.

turns out - @ mile 17 he pulled her into a (statue?) park.  she was like "why are we stopping?"
they had family there. . .  
he got down on his knee, brought out a ring, and asked her to marry him.
the ring was a bit big, so the glove stayed over the ring b/c there was no way she was going to lose it. 
back story:

they met @ work in NJ, "a tiny bit scandalous" they said because he was an intern nd she an (HR?) person.

they kept running into each other.  a few emails were exchanged, leading to a few coffees being drank, turning into a few lunch meet ups,  eventual a few dates.  

and then, today (about 9 months later?) they are engaged.


finish strong (thanks steve t for this picture)

a cute, kind couple.

thank you two for allowing me to be part of it.  the priveledge of being the first to call you "fiance", good company for the end of the run,and sharing your story . 
i wish you two much love, compassion, honesty, understanding & acceptance in the many years to come.


quick stop @ a semi-neearby gym and then we (mom & me) were headed to NJ.

 for elevation - look @ the chart (vs the ascent & descent)
hope all be wonderful :) 

marathon mania

hello all

as my mobile posting seems to only work on facebook (i've tried on lj a few times, it has yet to appear) i have not been sharing pictures of my recent adventures.

this coming year i'm going to try to do project 51 in 52.  this is 51 marathons in 52 weeks (50states + DC).

if you have any interest in following this adventure you can go here

below is an image from my most recent run - a fun 5k with opstacles called "spartan race".

hope all be wonderful :)