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More cheeziness and kitty playdate - a world of possibility
More cheeziness and kitty playdate
I brought Sushi (one of my kitties) into the other room to have a "play date" with Joey (the kitty I"m watching). I'm in there supervising currently. I just stuck my head under the bed to check on them. I got 2 sets of eyes staring at me.

me<~ chuckles to self

And my head feels weird. It feels like it's either burning, freezing, or has ssomething on it, like when you first get water in your hair when you stick it under the faucet and it's really cold. It's only on one spot on my scalp. Really random huh?

So long daywas basically just work stuff. Am going to an audition tomorrow. think good thoughts my direction. :-D

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

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