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Just a few updates on me :) - a world of possibility
Just a few updates on me :)
Work kinda sucked today. I like doing too much, I don't like being bored. There was plenty to do (that's not the problem) it was just one of those days.

One table left a $4 tip on a $50.32 check. That's not even 10%!!! Apparently they never tip well. One of the hosts said she would make sure they didn't get seated in my section if they were here again.

I'm gald I was host. I understand how hard it is for them, and therefore don't give them a hard time and therefore they like me and take care of me. Mutual benefit. YAY! If they didn't get tip share I would be giving them parts of my tips b/c I know i'ts a rough job.

OK this is gonna be long so . . .

The other thing that sucked was this, partially my fault, but still. So throughout the shift I am doing dishes, keeping the beverage station together (that was my sidework for today) and the obvious, taking care of my tables. No one really does dishes during the shift, usually before or after. I time it purposely so that every time I'm in the kitchen I do something. Otherwise they stack up and bad things happen!

So it comes time to go home, AKA anyone not closing is cut. One of my co-workers did *8* loads of dishes. He decided since he did so many he should be exempt from rolling silverware.

In order to leave you must do your sidework PLUS do a few loads of dishes (this is different depending on how much there is to do and who the back of house closer is~AKA they decide) and roll a basket or 2 of silverware (again dependent on how much is there).

I was under the impression the back of house manager said my co-worker did not have to roll silverware because he did so many dishes. I there fore tried to get out of it. I should have just done it. I don't mind doing it anyways.

I think I was doing it, actually I was doing it because a previous time when I was back of house closer the current back of house closer was expo (salad dressings, dips, etc., and anything that goes on your dish to make it look pretty) and I made him fill all the sauces even though they were only down an inch. He had said he didn't see the point.

I wanted to see if he was holding a grudge. This was very superficial and stupid of me. Something I try not to do.

Weeeell. He asked if I rolled silverware, I said "hold up you didn't make so and so roll because f dishes, but I have to?" And he looked confused. He was like "everyone has to roll" and he went looking for my co-worker.


So I should have just rolled mine and left. My co-worker on the other hand called me a back-stabber. I now know something about him I previously hadn't. When I made a mistake because I misunderstood him, it's my fault. Yes I made a mistake. On the other hand so did he. There was a miscommunication, I tried explaining, and I get called a backstabber. Anyways, glad I know this now.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: He called and apologized. YAY! This is good. :)~
(I of course apologized and explained what I was trying to do and probably shouldn't have been doig anyways, also).

So as for other news, I miss my friends but I've actually been getting stuff done. Have to memorize the monologue I picked out for Saturday. I went to 2 auditions this week. I have another one Saturday. (I think I already mentioned that, oh well). I am making much headway in my essay. I still need to get certified in First Aid.

I want to visit my uncle in he hospital on Saturday. Hopefully my mom will wait for me this time. Every time they go they've already left when I get home and I therefore have yet to visit him! (It's in Baltimore and they don't want me going alone PLUS until yesterday I didn't know the hours for visiting). Just for the record, he is doing fine, just lonely (?). OR, he's not dying, no one really tells me much. OK, don't want to talk much more about this.

I went swing dancing Tuesday. Much fun. I want to go Saturday night if I can drag some of my friends along. There is a lesson beforehand.I hope to go to also. We'll see. Friends of mine, beware . . . I may come kidnap at random


Joey, whom I'm cat-sitting, is now in her own room and much happier for it. I'm glad, I feel sooo much better knwoing she's happy. I kinda feel it too.

OK, off to memorize.

Then some reading. Bought waaay too many books the other day.

I hope everyone is well.

-meez :)~
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eyeboogies From: eyeboogies Date: January 24th, 2002 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, there's a place for all bad tippers in hell.
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