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Funny conversation - a world of possibility
Funny conversation
EBarron589: I have no school after december 16th
EBarron589: I'm leaving next fall though, so I would suggest before then
Friend: where are you going
EBarron589: to school in NY (if I get in)
Friend: you did not approve with the friends first
EBarron589: huh?
EBarron589: approve of what with the friends first?
Friend: are you saying that your not are friends
EBarron589: with who?
Friend: erik and matt
EBarron589: I am your friends
EBarron589: or you are my friends
EBarron589: when did I say you weren't?
EBarron589: LOL
EBarron589: oh, I had to get your approval?
Friend: lol

Funny? Me thinks so.

OK night (unless I find some quizzes)


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Current Music: Weezer - My Name Is Jonas

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