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hmmm - a world of possibility
Got a random phone call from my past. I've been pushing away all nerminkys leading to him. I am happy and will not be pulled down. Luckily I only talked to my past for about 2 seconds. I talked to another friend of ours, Extra Mediium. He is engaged! I'm happy for him. He was a kewl guy. He said he'd "call some time". Maybe, who knows. Maybe it's better if he doesn't. That way I'll stay away from all the drama.

I've been in a really good mood today. I was driving this morning, my hair was still wet from the sower, and realized, for some reason unknown to me I felt sexy. Hmmm. OK, I'm staying home tonight, LOL.

Had a good voice lesson, as always. Learned something new, as always. Yay! :)

I forgot something amusing that happened last night. At the table while Matt and
I were talking, we were so out of it, we realized at one point that we were'nt sure if we had ordered or not. We couldn't for the life of either of us figure it out. We figured logically if we had that we would no longer have our menus (which we did still have). Luckily the server came over soon after, otherwise I think we would've gone crazy trying to figure out. There was much giggling, bad, actually basically no service, and too many glasses of water, but it was fun.



meez :)~

Current Mood: sexy
Current Music: The Breeders - Invisible Man

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schwack From: schwack Date: November 15th, 2001 06:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I told that story to a few people yesterday and got some laughs :)
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