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Pictures, a cheez, then fooood - a world of possibility
Pictures, a cheez, then fooood
I rarely have more than 1 kitty near me at a time, let alone 2 on my lap and one by my head. So pictures. Then I must disrupt their sweetness and comfyness for food and chores. I realized I have much I can do (including laundry).

So here.

Sushi is the one somewhat hidden in the back. Yem is the up close and personal shot. The blue directly under Yem's chin, that's my shirt.

This black blurb is Gato.

see, she's laying behind me head. :)

Yem again, more blue from my shirt. I wanted a birds eye with all of them, then just sushi and Yem, but all I could get was one, and Sushi didn't have enough light to be seen anyways, so . . . yeah.

take the non-offensive quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

OK, food. I won't be a post slut to day, promise :)~
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